Science on the Streets:

the history of science and technology

behind everyday Glasgow

Failte gu science air sraidean Ghlaschu!

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Glasgow has an impressive scientific and industrial heritage which we continue to build on today. However, today's technology is usually taken for granted, and Glasgow's contribution often ignored.

This website is a companion to our free walking tour, exploring the history of science and technology behind everyday Glasgow locations and scientists. If you would like to see the 'tape measure' in George Square, hear the story of the two Glasgow scientists' attempt to bring an executed murderer back to life using electricity, or find out how the James Watt steam engine works, then read on or come on our tour. Tours will run on request, see tour info page.

Please write an email to if you would like to come on our tour(s) listed below:

Glasgow Science Festival 2016: 6th-16th June 2019

Cathedral Tour: Saturday 15th June, 11am. Meet in front of Glasgow Cathedral.

City Centre Tour: Saturday 15th June, 3pm. Meet in front of the James Watt statue on the south west corner of George Square.

Please wear suitable footwear and be prepared for rain.

A list of previous events can be found here.

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Tour guide during a walk in a cage (Photo: