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Name: Charles Tennant

Born: 1768 in Laigh Corton, Scotland

Died: 1838 in Glasgow, Scotland

Profession: Chemist, Industrialist

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Charles Tennant is buried in the Necropolis. He was sharply aware of the atmospheric pollution his works were creating and so he ordered the building of the worlds highest chimney - 450 feet high - in an attempt to lose his fumes into the upper atmosphere. Tennant's Stack was a Glasgow Landmark well into this century.

Over the decades the St Rollox works has been one of the cities worst eye-sores. Chemical waste was dumped in the Sighthill area causing a deadly spread of contaminants through the soil, which local people called the Stinking Ocean.

Charles Tennant’s tomb is located at the top of the hill in the Glasgow Necropolis.

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