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Name: Tennent family

Profession: Brewers


The Tennent (H & R Tennent) family's Wellpark Brewery is the oldest in Glasgow which still brews today. Beer making is one of Glasgow’s oldest industries, started by the monks of St. Mongo’s time (~ 600’s) and until the beginning of the 19th century ale was Scotland's main drink. The Tennent family started brewing as far back as 1556, by 1740 H & R Tennent began as a small public brewers and malters. It is recorded that at Christmas of 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie and his men stopped at the brewery for refreshment. In May 1885 Hugh Tennent introduced Lager to Scotland after sampling German beers which were threatening Tennent's Pale Ale market. Tennent's was the only brewery, out of 14 in Glasgow, to remain open during the first world war.


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