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The Armourial insignia of Glasgow dates from 1866 when the patent was first granted by Lord Lyon (King of Arms).  The emblems which appear in the official bearings refer to legends about Glasgow's patron saint St. Mungo.

"Here's the Bird that never flew"

The bird represents the wild robin which St Serf, St Mungo's master, tamed, it was accidentally killed by some of his disciples who blamed St Mungo.  He brought it back to life by the power of prayer.

"Here's the Tree that never grew" 

The tree was originally a hazel branch which St Mungo caused miraculously to burst into flame to re-light the holy fire in the refectory of St Serfs Monastery.

"Here's the Bell that never rang"

The bell was supposed to have been the small hand-bell used by the saints of the Celtic Church to call their flocks to worship.

"Here's the Fish that never swam"

The fish with its golden ring was the salmon which helped to save Queen Languoreth from the wrath of her cuckolded husband King Hydderch Hael. The Queen gave a precious ring to a Knight, the King Hydderch Hael (of Cadzow) suspected her of ill doing and stole the ring from the Knight as he slept and tossed it into the Clyde.  King asked the Queen for the ring threatening her death if she could not produce it.  She begged the Knight for its return but he could not help – so she appealed to St Mungo.  He sent one of his monks to fish in the river - returning with the fish with the ring.


Time: 1866

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