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Name: Granville Sharp Pattison

Born: 1791

Died: 1851 in New York, USA

Profession: Surgeon

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A notorious body-snatcher. As a teacher in the Medical School of the High Street College in 1813, Granville was just as eager as any other medical man to pursue the current craze for finding out, in a hands-on way, how the different parts of the body all fit together. But in December of that year, he encountered real trouble. Mrs McAllaster, wife of a rich Glasgow wool merchant was hardly cold in her grave in the Ramshorn Kirkyard when she was secretly dug up.

She was found on the dissecting table at the college. FORENSIC HISTORY was made when for the first time a body was positively identified by dental impressions. Granville Sharp Pattison was brought to court, but walked out again a free man when a Not Proven Verdict was returned. Two years later, he furthered his career in New York, becoming the Professor of Anatomy at New York University. He died there in 1851, and his body was brought back to Scotland for burial in 1852 at the Necropolis. As far as we know no one has tried to dig him up.

Image: National Portrait Galleryhttp://www.npg.org.uk/collections/search/largerimage.php?mkey=mw85330shapeimage_3_link_0

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